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Flutter Starter

A Flutter starter-kit for production-level apps

Why Flutter Starter?

Folder Structure

Flutter Starter comes with a well-defined folder structure. Developers can easily navigate it and add relevant files where necessary.


This kit helps you to build a Styleguide for your app. You can add your image and font assets, splash screen, colour constants and theme data. These are available for use wherever required in your project.

API Calls

The starter kit includes all the files you need for API handling. You can choose from REST, GraphQL and Firebase on your project.

State Management

Flutter Starter contains all the state management files, models and repositories for your app. We will be using Bloc for state management.

Routers & Dependencies

This kit allows you to quickly add routers for your app screens. Dependencies can also be added to your app by simply copy-pasting the install version from into the designated file.

Testing & Deployment

Lastly, you can test and deploy your app smoothly using Flutter Starter! Go to the test folder, add your test files and start writing test cases. Check out the Android or iOS pages to deploy your app.

Flutter Starter Demo

Flutter Starter Examples

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