GithubRepo List App

To learn more about this example, visit the Github Repo List App page.

The API URL is in api-constants.dart. Go to your github account and create a personal access token.

//For the graphql.
import 'package:graphql/client.dart';
OptimisticCache cache = OptimisticCache(
dataIdFromObject: typenameDataIdFromObject,
GraphQLClient client() {
final HttpLink _httpLink = HttpLink(
uri: '',
final AuthLink _authLink = AuthLink(
getToken: () => 'Bearer <YOUR GITHUB API TOKEN>',
final Link _link = _authLink.concat(_httpLink);
return GraphQLClient(
cache: cache,
link: _link,
//For the Rest
Map<String, String> apiConstants = {"auth": ""};

To sign up, use these credentials:

Email "",
Password "pistol"

Your app should look like this: